n * alpha

Back into Game Development

I decided that 2019 was going to be the year of game development for me. This not only includes trying to write games but also consuming books, videos, podcasts, blogs, and advice with the goal of furthering my understanding and skill.

I started off, like most people do, with a project that was way over-scoped for my talent and available time. So I scaled it back and started with a game that I could make without any art assets that couldn’t be made in MSPaint. I ended up with an idea for a 2D, single screen, game with basic geometric shapes and as few mechanics as I could muster.

I’m still in the early stages, but at least it’s playable. I called it n*alpha, which is a reference to a number theory question I had back in college. The game needs some better instructions, audio (of any kind), and some effects to spice it up a bit.

My goal is to eventually have the game on some kind of store (iOS, Play Store, Steam…something). That goal is more for me to have the experience of shipping a game more than any expectation that it’ll make money, but I suppose that $1 is better than $0. We’ll see what happens.

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