Maze Raider v1.0 alpha – Ready To Move On

This version was a mixed bag of optimizations and new features.  I slammed my head against the wall of the problem of merging walls to reduce the number of objects in the scene for over a day.  It really shouldn’t have taken that long.  I added a few “bells and whistles”…things that make the game marginally more polished but don’t change the gameplay.

Overall, I’m fairly satisfied with what the game has become.  I feel like this might be a good time for me to move on.  It’s not that there aren’t a bunch of things I’d like to add to the game (most notably, enemies) and fix, but I feel like I could learn more about game development faster by moving on to a new project.  I’m always open to suggestions and feedback.  So feel free to share.

Latest version: Maze Raider 1.0a

Updates in v1.0a

  • Player has trailing particle effect to help orient them if they get turned around
  • Added time bonus power up
  • Adjacent walls merge to improve performance
  • Game over camera shows you where the goal is
  • Music speeds up when time is running low
  • Changed some fonts because Arial is uninspiring
  • Added HUD flashes to indicate the effects of a power up
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Removed the pillars from the room prefabs (Pillars are algorithmically placed to avoid “jagged” corners)
  • Changed game over restart trigger to be any key press (couldn’t get the cursor to both show and move…grrr!)
  • Updated the start screen…it’s still horrible but now it’s not AS horrible as is was

Perhaps at some later time, when my skills are sharper and my knowledge deeper, I will return to this game…

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