What Am I Up To These Days?

I live in Houston, Texas and work as a software developer, which gets the majority of my attention. The remainder of my time is spent on the following things:

  • I teach and train in martial arts
  • I’m learning how to develop games in Unity with the goal of finally getting some projects going with my younger brother (See my progress here and here)
  • I’m adding some features into the way I typically create web applications…in a way, I’m making a simple web application framework to speed up any future projects without having to add a lot of bloat from more generalized frameworks
  • 2016 was my fattest year yet.  So, I’m (re)joining 24 Hour Fitness to get that under control in 2017.
    • In January, I’ve gone down 10lbs and 2% body fat.  Ketogenic diet + 1 cheat day/week + gym 3 days/week