n * alpha, End of the Road?

I found myself quickly getting mired in scope creep and had to remind myself why I even started with this incredibly simple game. I started it specifically to have the shortest development time possible in order to allow me to get through the full process of actually shipping the game on some platform.

So I fixed a little bug and added “best score” tracking, and with those…I think I’m done with this game, at least emotionally. Now, comes the part about getting a developer ID on mobile app platforms, testing on mobile devices, and figuring all of the actual deployment stuff out.

I can’t stand games with ads in them. So I won’t be doing that, but I also did spend a fair amount of time on this game and can’t bring myself to put it on a store for free. I guess I’ll just charge $0.99 for it like most cheap, non-free apps and hope for the best. I’d honestly be surprised and delighted if I make any money at all from this…going from zero to one is always the hard part, right?

Anyway, here is the latest version: n * alpha v0.4

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