Maze Raider Gets New Guts (and a few UI changes)

As I mentioned in my post about redesigning the code for Maze Raider, I started almost completely over.  I kept the prefabs, the player controller scripts, and a few of the small utility scripts, but the whole level generation and game controller scripts were done away with.  I also added multiple UI canvases by functionality with manager scripts that don’t need to be overly aware of the surrounding components.

On the whole, this version doesn’t look much different, but internally it is very much different.  Making improvements will be much easier now, particularly regarding new power-ups and level generation.

And yes, I know my power-up models are lame.  I’m a programmer, not an artist.  I’m willing to accept donated art though 😉

Latest version: Maze Raider v0.9

Updates in v0.9

  • Changed how timer works; It counts down and completing levels gets you more time.  When the time runs out, it’s game over
  • Added game over screen with restart button
  • Added background to “HUD” elements to improve visibility
  • Modularized the code and used more object oriented concepts to reduce duplicate code
  • Removed the 3rd person camera; it might be added back in, but I don’t want to try to be too many things at once here
  • Fade to/from black between levels for transition effect
  • Level is generated “instantaneously” rather than pulsing out; the whole pulsing thing was a result of me making the maze generation function into a coroutine so I could visually verify it was working.  This way is much faster for the player.

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