After some hours of overcoming obstacles through Internet searches, reading documentation, and trying things out the hard way, I have something that resembles a game.  Yeah, it’s programmer art (all “artwork” was created in mspaint.exe), but artwork for this game could be easily replaced.  The sound effects and music were quickly thrown together using Mixcraft 6.  There are still a few rough edges to smooth out, but I wanted to “ship” what I had to get myself in the habit of making my work public.

So yeah, this is my first game ever.  Unity makes development way easier than doing things “raw” in Flash and ActionScript3.

Oh and just a tip for any other Unity developers out there: don’t use C# delegates if you want to deploy to a WebGL build because they get implemented as pthreads in Javascript, which isn’t supported in most browsers right now.

Here’s a link to the game:


  • w-a-s-d to move
  • Mouse click to fire
  • Space to swap the block in the gun with the top of the deck
  • p to pause

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