“Real artists ship”

The quote is attributed to Steve Jobs, and while I’m not a particular fan of the way he lead his company, this quote has been hanging on my mind lately.  Like many software developers, I have a litany of half-completed projects in my repository.


What does this lead to?  A bunch of learning experiences that benefit nobody but me (and maybe an employer).

This crap has to stop.  Day dreaming about starting my own software company isn’t going to make it happen.  I had an idea a while back for an app/website in the mobile coupon arena.  I feel like it has potential.  So, I’m going to give myself a deadline.  By the end of 2016 if it’s not making me money, then I’m going to drop it and never pick it up again.  I’m hoping that the finality of this will kick my butt into gear enough to actually get things done.

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